My Last Day

Assalamualaikum mommies.
Today is my last day in Hoerbiger. Next week akan mula kerja kat tempat baru. Sekejap je dah 6 setengah tahun. Mula-mula join dulu, April 2010. Masa tu baru 23 tahun, anak dara lagi. Sekarang dah 29 tahun, anak pun dah nak masuk 3 orang. 
Thank you so much Hoerbiger. Saya menjadi dewasa di sini dan belajar banyak perkara di sini. To me, aside from knowledge, my biggest achievement is my friends. I got to know a lot of good people and it's good to know that somewhere out there, there are people who cares about you, who always wants the best for you even though you are not their own family. It is amazing how we can love each other this much. So, goodbye Hoerbiger. I wish all my friends the best for their future endeavor. Doakan saya juga.

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